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The Fantasy Reader's Discussion

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Fantasy Reader's Discussion
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Welcome to Fantasy Reader's Discussion

This community has been created for readers who enjoy the genre of fantasy/sci-fi(but mostly fantasy). Anyone who joins the community will be able to post entries and definately are encouraged to do so as long as they are on the topic of fantasy/sci-fi books.


Yes,yes I know we all hate rules but these are just a few simple ones that noone should have a problem obeying and will make the community a much more organized and better place.

1. No off-topic posts. I really dont see how you could post an off-topic post on this community unless you do it completely on purpose, the whole gigantic subject of fantasy/sci-fi novels is the topic, you apparently wouldn't have joined the community if you didn't look forward to reading about fantasy/sci-fi books.
2. No overusage of foul language. I don't mind the occasional use of swearing and such because thats also part of my vocab, although if I notice someone using WAY too much of it then I'll first give a warning and then banishment of the community.
3. No bad opinions of the series of Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind, lol jk, not true. Although I will not like you very much if you dont like Sword of Truth.

My Final Words

Finally, I encourage all to check the community daily because if someone decides not to post more likely then not I will think of something. Also I want to thank you for joining and have fun with this community!
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