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It has been a while

I have been catching up on rereading stuffs (mostly sword of truth and harry potter... kinda, and the Halfblood trilogy) so I haven't read anything really new. Now I have just finished two.

The Book of Earth book 1 of the Dragon Quartet by Marjorie B. Kellogg (some may remember that I had asked about this series when I first started, well I buckled down and bought it).

Storm Front book 1 of the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher (something my new manager recommended. He even had to order for the store, cause the previous manager probably knew nothing about that series. It's been selling like hot cakes. Wow.)

The Book of Earth I just finished it today, even though I'd started it a week or two ago (me, who finished Halfblood Prince in a little more than 24 hours). It was really hard to get into. I couldn't even explain why. Maybe it was the writing style, or the fact that the protagonist couldn't talk. Or maybe the way the dragon was handled. If you see the book and decide to try it, be warned, it takes some plodding... I mean a lot of plodding to get through. It's a historical fantasy where the princess flees from her castle after learning her beloved has died. She also lost the ability to speak, so shocked was she. A priest, Guillemo, who turned her (the girl's name being Erde, german for Earth?) father against her pursues her. She finds the dragon, or rather the dragon found her, and they go through the wilderness together until they meet a Knight who was ousted from his own home by that same priest, accused as Satan's helper for his pursuit of dragonlore.

That's basically what the story is about, their run, and then confrontation with the priest(no spoilers!). While I was disappointed in the book, I still want to finish the series... whether I'll buy it brand new.... that remains to be seen. The thrice accursed book left on a cliffhanger, with the appearance of the dragon the next book will probably center around. *sigh*

Storm Front took me only two days to devour, and that's only because other things occupied my mind, I'm sure I could have finished it the night I bought it. I'm actually surprised it's never been mentioned on this community, or that it has reached the status of the Anita Blake series. I'm in love after only the first book (and my manager tells me Butcher's writing improves as the series goes). Some of you (maybe a lot of you) like or love the Anita Blake series, I think you'll like this (or think it's a blatant rip-off as I will explain).

The novels are told first person through Harry Dresden, the MC, like the AB series. Instead of a necromancer, he's a wizard. The creatures in Harry's world actually come from... um... the Nevernever, their normal home is not our mortal realm. The vampires are separated into three different classes, the red, black and white. He has three different types of werewolves. And I already like his demons (i was pleased to see one make an appearance in the first book). I'm sure there's more to the world, but I'm still exploring it myself.

Harry is the only Private Detective Wizard in this world, and natuarally (like AB) he gets called in by the police to look at unusual crimes, I'm guessing mostly murder related. Also like the AB series he has at least two sub-plots to go with his main plot (in this case a missing husband and a mob boss).

I highly recommend this book. As soon as we get the next four books I'm gonna start eating them up too. Nummers.
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